Mission and Vision


            The mission of our faculty is that raising qualified individuals. We aim to have every individual with scientific thinking, productive, collaborative and leadership skills. Additionally,  we try to improve skills of our teacher candidates in terms of  adapting changing situationseasily, having good communication skills, integrating educational technology properly, renewing themselves, being open to variety, attach importance to cultural values and art, having passion about profession, having high self-esteem and tolerance, and giving priority to national interests as 21st century requirements. Not only teachers but also raising academicians who have ability to find solutions for educational problems, by conducting scientific studies. Our faculty supports self-development via giving opportunities for studying with National of Minister of Education and the other institutions in both Turkey and abroad.


            The vision of our faculty is to reach to both national and international reputable standards through contributing to problems in Turkey’s education system and global education by using scientific methods and raising qualified teachers who can educate students in the standards of contemporary knowledge, skills and attitudes.