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Rapid advancements in technology have a strong influence on education. Especially, the importance and necessity of computer based technology lead educators to explore new ways of theories and applications. Thus, the field of Instruction and Learning Technologies started to be existence and recently by the advancements in multimedia and web technologies it has become more important.


Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (CEIT) started to provide services in Faculty of Education in collaboration with the Word Bank and Council of Higher Education in 1998. In an attempt to found and activate a CEIT department in Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University, required applications submitted to the Council of Higher Education in 2005 and four-year undergraduate students have started to be recruited by 2006-2007 academic year.


The department aims to provide up to date information to the candidate Information and Computer Technology (ICT) teachers about new methods and technics for effective use of instructional technologies required by educational institutions, equip knowledge and skills related to the field, and introduce instructional environments designed by new technologies. In the department, it is aimed to equip students with the necessary skills for effective use of various technologies such as computers, Internet, multimedia, televisions, video, and projectors. Moreover, it aims to develop new methods for effective and efficient use of instructional technologies, design instructional software and educate courseware developers with required skills.


Considering the program of the department and its objectives, it is seen that the CEIT department is related to the fields of “Educational Sciences”, “Curriculum and Instruction”, “Schedule Development”, and “Educational Technology”.



The primary mission of the Department of the CEIT is to prepare outstanding ICT teachers to be employed in both public and private schools under the Ministry of National Education to provide technology education and to facilitate technology integration and prepare for careers as instructional technologists to advance the profession of Instructional Design by combining the science and art of teaching and learning. By following codes of ethics, the department aims to provide a humanist, democratic, and participatory learning environment that is compatible with the advances in the field of Instructional Technology.


The CEIT Department aims to contribute decisions regarding technology integration in Education by performing studies to solve practical problems in the field, sharing the findings of the studies related organizations, and organizing scientific activities. The CEIT Department also shares the resources owned not only with its academics and students but also with others in the field. It aims to increase number of faculty, rearrange the program, improve the qualification of the students, and increase the number of elective courses, enhance the technological infrastructure, and build a collaborative culture.





The CEIT department will be distinguished for excellence in (1) preparing outstanding ICT teachers to be employed in both public and private schools in accordance with the demand of the National Education, (2) collaboration with other departments and institutions, (3) education with its highly qualified academic personnel and enriched graduate programs, (4) training the academics for both national and international institutions, and (5) contributing to development of the country by carrying out scientific studies that are leading the educational policy development.