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Special education is the training process carried out in appropriate environments with specially trained personnel and it aims to develop training programs and methods to meet the educational self-confidence and competence requirements of individuals who differ significantly from the expected level in terms of their individual characteristics and educational competencies.

The Special Education Department produces theoretical and applied information that can be used in the field of special education at home and abroad. Also, it aims to train special education teacher candidates who can be employed in our country and abroad, especially the official schools and institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. In addition, it aims to contribute to the development of its field by developing solutions for special education at national and international level. The Special Education Department, which was established in 1992 within the body of Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University Faculty of Education, continues its activities with two faculty members and 7 research assistants assigned in different universities to complete their graduate education and contributes to the special education needs of other departments and programs.

The main purpose of the Special Education department is; to train teacher candidates who are committed to the basic principles of Turkish National Education in order to raise individuals with special needs at all levels of education.